Angela Bassett directing Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown Lifetime movie

Angela Bassett is set to direct the upcoming TV movie that will tell the story of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's relationship. The TV movie will air on Lifetime TV.

Lifetime released a statement that went into detail about what fans can expect when they tune into the film. The movie will show the couple through their first encounter, inside their marriage and will focus on Houston's rise to musical superstardom.

Brown was currently in the process of divorcing Brown when she died in 2012. The couple had a daughter together, Kristina Brown, who is now 21 and has had her own reality TV show.

Bassett and Houston have worked together before on 1995's Waiting To Exhale, Time reported. This will mark the directorial debut for Bassett.

Bassett opened up about this project, expressing that she felt she could tell the story of Houston and Brown's explosive relationship.

“I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments, and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story," said Bassett.

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