Barbie Potty Training Taffy

My girls want a puppy. What kid doesn't go through that phase? While I would like for them to experience the joys of having a pet, the dog won't take care of itself. The girls will need to learn to take care of it's necessities, and I don't think they are ready for it. They can hardly take care of their own room!

So while I'm not ready to give them a dog yet, they can still help Barbie take care of her pets. Barbie Potty Training Taffy features Mattel's famous doll and her golden retriever Taffy.

Unlike a real dog, Taffy doesn't shed hair all over the place and chew up shoes and furniture. But like a real dog she eats and poops. Taffy's mouth opens and closes so you can help Barbie feed her treats and bones. She even takes her bones with her in her adorable pink backpack!

After eating, take Taffy out for a walk with her pink leash and push down on her tail so she can poop. Be sure to help Barbie clean it up!

Taffy comes with her food-toting backpack, doggie food dish, pooper scopper, "poop", and a trash can.

Barbie, of course, is always dressed for the occasion. This time she's in a colorful print shirt and casually cool capri pants.

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