Brad Pitt gets restraining order against 'Maleficent' red carpet attacker

Brad Pitt is still angry, and possibly in pain, from his attackers punch from Wednesday nights premiere of Maleficent . Pitt who had been attending the film with his partner Angelina Jolie, was posing for photos with fans when the man, Vitalii Sediuk, punched him in the face before being dragged off by security.

Now Pitt has filed a temporary restraining order against Sediuk that will last only five days. After being arrested on Wednesday, Sediuk’s bail was set at $20,000 reports Time.

This is not Sediuk’s first offense with the A-listers as The Huffington Post mentions that recently he tried to sneak is way underneath America Ferrera’s dress at the How To Train Your Dragon 2 premiere. In the past, he has also made inappropriate grabs at Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper and attempted to kiss Will Smith at the Men in Black 3 premiere.

If Pitt wants to extend the restraining order he will have to go to court.

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