Can e-cigs help you quit?

Most people can tell you about e-cigarettes and what harm they cause, the controversy. Some will tell you about the good that they do. What is the real difference between a traditional smoke and a vapor?
Dr. Laura Dutra, along with a colleague, made an appearance on WAMC. She has authored a study about the correlation between the two types of tobacco and their use among younger kids.
Dutra found that kids who had never smoked an e-cig were more likely to be smokers now. Those who were smokers, but smoked traditional cigarettes were more likely to still be smoking. Those who smoked e-cigs were more likely to plan to quit.
The study also found that 20 percent of students who have tried and e-cig or smoke e-cigarettes regularly have never smoked an actual cigarette.
This simply backs up the idea that e-cigs can help you quit. In a separate survey of 6,000 smokers, one fifth of them quit using e-cigarettes, according to BBC.
This number was 60 percent higher than those who did not use an e-cig. Though researchers are still cautious in their positivity.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said: "E-cigarettes are not risk free, but they carry a lower risk to health than smoking tobacco and may help people who want to stop smoking.

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