Carrie Lane releases single 'Found You'

Pop singer Carrie Lane released her single “Found You” in early April and she has a powerful voice to go with riveting music and captivating lyrics.

Starting off with the guitar, Lane immediately captures the attention of the listener with her steady and upbeat vocals, with the sounds of the drum to match the beat. The music is a song about finding love and it very expressive.

Growing up in New Jersey, Lane found her love of being on stage at the age of four and not only has she also worked in music, she has also done some modeling. Lane suffers from juvenile diabetes and according to her official website, she has used this as motivation to use her music in order to make a difference in the eyes of others.

She is quoted as saying, “My favorite thing to write about is the world through my eyes. Nobody views the world through the same lens that you do and therefore you will always have a unique story to tell. One that nobody else has ever heard before.”

With her upbeat vocals and steady rhythm, it is clear Lane is passionate about making music and putting it out there for others to hear. Her website also spoke of how Lane had to find her inner confidence in order to believe she had a voice that would be heard.

With her freshman album due out at some point this year, it is clear she has the talent and confidence to come onto the music scene with more incredible songs.

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