'Catfish' season 3 episode 3 recap: 'Antoinette and Albert'

Season three of MTV’s hit show Catfish has been nothing short of surprising and drama-filled. The show is notorious for putting internet cyber-bullies on blast for pretending to be someone they aren’t and trapping real-life victims into believing they have found online love. So far the first two episodes of season three have been unhappy endings, since the person who the victim has fallen in-love with has turned out to be impostors.
However, in episode three titled, “Antoinette and Albert,” the catfish turns out to be exactly who he said he was and all of the facts turned out to be true; a rare event in the plot of the show.
The episode began by introducing Antoinette, who is a mini celebrity in the Instagram world for posting provocative photos and videos on her profile. She had contacted Nev and Max to ask them for their help in figuring out if the guy she has been talking to online, T-Lights (Albert), a rapper who is also famous on Instagram, is real of a fake.
She claims the two connected over Instagram when T-Lights randomly liked and commented on one of her photos one day. She had told T-Lights to private message her and then from there the two began a texting and phone relationship. Although everything seemed to be perfect, the only issue was that T-Lights refused to ever video chat or meet up with Antoinette in real life.
Once Nev and Max dug into the mystery a bit more, they discovered that T-Lights might not be who he said he was. Nev had called T-Light’s music manager and asked if the phone number Antoinette had given them was actually T-Light’s number, to which the manager said it wasn’t. From there they discovered that T-Light’s brother had sometimes been in-charge of managing his social media accounts and could have possibly found Antoinette on Instagram and had pursued a fake relationship with her based off of her seductive photos. It was also revealed that T-Light’s brother was married as well, which made the whole situation even worse.
After Nev revealed his findings to Antoinette, her spirits were somewhat diminished however she agreed to go with Nev and Max on a trip to Miami to where T-Lights would be playing his next show so that she could confront him personally about the situation and find out the truth.
The three make their way to Miami and see T-Light’s show at a club and Nev confronts him and his brother after the show to see if they will talk to Antoinette.
The major twist that was revealed was that it was actually T-Lights the whole time and that their relationship has been real; a big surprise since the show was setting T-Light’s brother up to be the catfish the entire episode. The reason T-Light’s manager had denied that T-Light’s phone number was non-legitimate to Nev was for privacy reasons.
Much to Antoinette’s delight, she gets to hang out with T-Light the next day and finally live out their relationship face-to-face.
A month later, Nev and Max video-chat with Antoinette to see where she and T-Light stand as a couple. Due to him being so involved with his music in Miami and her living in Texas, the two decided not to pursue a romantic relationship and Antoinette had also decided to tone down her provocative activity online to create a better image for herself.
Overall, the whole episode seemed to be a promotion for T-Light’s band and Antoinette’s Instagram page rather than an actual episode of Catfish.

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