China tech companies hiring 'sexual content appraisers,' thousands apply

In an effort to crackdown on the pornography websites in China, tech companies are hiring “sexual content appraisers”, possibly bringing people out of the woodwork to satisfy their pornography need before it is gone, and received thousands of applications.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the initiative “Cleaning The Web 2014” has already shut down 110 websites, deleted 3,300 social media accounts, as well as several online forums.

Although companies received so many applications, the job may not be as “fun” as one might hope. Liu Chunqi, a police officer who works as a “sexual content appraiser” stated, “Some people think it is just watching porn but it is not. Sometimes it makes me throw up.”

The Huffington Post UK noted pornography has been illegal in China for more than half a century, and this latest crackdown is fueled by the belief that pornography “severely harms the physical and mental health of minors.” The punishment for distributing any suggestive material, through any medium, used to just be a warning, but when the creator of the biggest online porn site was tried in 2005, he received life in prison. In China anyway, it is better to keep your sexual habits private…very private.

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