Colorado plane crash leaves two dead

Two men were killed aboard a small airplane after it crashed in Colorado on Saturday northeast of Denver.

An FAA official said that the airplane is a small fixed-wing Cessna 150, s single-engine airplane, reports the Denver Post. The two-seater plane took off just after midnight from Adams County Front Range Airport and was reported missing about three hours later.

The plane wasn't discovered until shortly after 7 a.m. due to a dense fog that was over the crash area, search crews claimed, according to The Associated Press. It was eventually located in a field only a mile away from the airport where the plane took off.

The names of the two people found on board the plane, which was built in 1970, have not been released, but the Cessna was registered to Amritpal Singh.

Adams County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Aaron Pataluna said that a National Transportation Safety Board investigator was dispatched to examine the crash site.

That's the second small plane crash to occur in Colorado in May. The first crash occurred early into the month in the town of Northglenn. The pilot was able to parachute to safety and the Piper PA-25 single-engine plane crashed into an empty house.

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