Dog calls 911 after owner suffers seizure

A dog named “Major” is being hailed as a hero for calling 911 when his owner suffered a seizure.

According to WGGB, Terry McGlade of Zanesville, Ohio got the service dog after he returned from serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The New York Daily News noted that McGlade suffers from PSTD after he was hit by a roadside bomb. The pit bull-lab mix is trained to help him during any medical emergencies and was never more reliable than earlier this month when McGlade said Major saved his life.

The veteran had a seizure while in the backyard with his dog and Major knew just what to do.

He used his paw to call 911 from his owner’s smart phone. Even more amazing is that Major called back the number several times, therefore emergency responders were able to trace where the call was coming from.

When an ambulance arrived, Major led them to the backyard where McGlade laid unconscious.

The Marine vet said he is thankful that his dog was there and able to call for help.

“I don’t think I could operate in the everyday world without him right now.”

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