Experts search the data for new information regarding Flight MH 370

On Monday, officials announced that experts are beginning to do a more in depth search of data gathered in a two-month hunt for the missing jet.

"We've got to this stage of the process where it's very sensible to go back and have a look at all of the data that has been gathered, all of the analysis that has been done and make sure there's no flaws in it, the assumptions are right, the analysis is right and the deductions and conclusions are right," Angus Houston, head of the search operation, told reporters in Canberra, according to the Associated Press.

Houston is joined by transport ministers in Malaysia and China, according to the BBC.

Analysis will continue on Wednesday, after searching for surface debris. That search was finally called to an end last week. At this point, analysts are considering what they have found so far. Then, they are proceeding with the underwater search that could take up to a year.

Flight MH 370 was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and disappeared on March 8.

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