'Family Feud' final round goes horribly wrong, California family botches Fast Money (Video)

After the Sass family of Stockton, California managed to get to the Fast Money round on Family Feud, they should have been ready. One member of the family was, but another was so unprepared, she botched the round. The fail is now going viral and belongs in the Hall of Fame of gameshow mistakes.

Tim Sass gave host Steve Harvey a stunning list of answers, picking the top responses for every survey question. Unfortunately, that gave them only 182 of the necessary 200 points needed to secure a win on the show. Still, the family celebrated as if they had actually won.

Then Anna Sass came on... and blew it, coming up with all zeroes and even repeating answers that Tim gave. She couldn’t get 18 points. Harvey’s face says it all.

The Huffington Post caught up with Anna Sass this week and she said that the episode was filmed in 2013. It was recently re-aired, which is why it’s getting some extra attention now.

“It brings back all the emotions, the feeling that I had let my family down,” Anna told the Huffington Post. “We had a great time and we still laugh about the entire experience.”

Watch it below:

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