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Fox cancels 'Enlisted,' 'Dads,' and 'Surviving Jack'

While Fox is currently trying to figure out what its upcoming TV schedule is going to be, there are at least four who will not be returning.

According to , the station has decided to scrap their new shows Enlisted, Surviving Jake and Dads.

Among these shows, it appears that the biggest surprise comes from Dads, the Seth MacFarlane-produced multi-camera sitcom that, despite scaving reviews, earned solid ratings in its opening episodes. Those ratings quickly dropped, however, in the weeks to come. So, with that in mind, it is not too shocking that the show has been pulled after only one season.

Similarly, Enlisted gained a solid audience in its beginning episodes, but quickly dropped as the weeks went on.

Rake may or may not be cancelled as well, as the show was originally listed among those that were cancelled but has since disappeared from the list.

Additionally, Fox has decided not to pick up the following pilots: Dead Boss, Fatrick and No Place Like Home, according to .

For news about cancelled and renewed shows will become available in the weeks to come.

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