George W. Bush undergoes successful partial knee replacement surgery

Former President George W. Bush underwent a successful partial knee replacement procedure on Saturday in Chicago.

The former president returned to Dallas on Monday following the successful surgery at the Rush University Medical Center's Midwest Orthapaedics, reports NBC Chicago, who first reported on the situation. Bush's spokesman Freddy Ford confirmed the surgery in a statement and said Bush "is doing great."

Ford also spoke with CBS News and said only a few hours following the procedure Bush could walk up and down stairs. He declined to offer any information and didn't reveal which knee required the operation, similar to 10 years ago when Bush suffered a torn meniscus in one of his knees.

Before heading home two days after the procedure, Bush recuperated in the Peninsula Hotel, so doctors could keep an eye on his knee.

According to The Associated Press, Bush has done his best to remain in great shape following his presidency, including continuing to participate in a yearly 100-kilometer mountain bike ride with Afghanistan and Iraq veterans.

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