Gregg Allman sues 'Midnight Rider' producers

Gregg Allman filed a lawsuit against the producers of Midnight Rider just a week after asking the director to not resume work on the film, which led to the tragic death of camera assistant Sarah Jones.

The lawsuit claims that the rights for his story have lapsed due to a couple failures by the producers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Allman alleges that principal photography was required to start before Feb. 28, 2014, which did not happen due to the train accident occurring just eight days before.

The producers also reportedly failed to pay the full purchase price they had agreed upon. They paid all but $9,000, which Allman claims he never received.
Since the producers failed on both counts, the complaint says Allman "requests that the Court enter an Order declaring that the Defendants' Option has expired and directing the Defendants to cease all efforts to make a motion picture" based upon The Allman Brothers Band co-founder's life.

Last week it was discovered that Allman wrote a letter pleading with director Randall Miller to stop work on Midnight Rider after Jones' death while working on the film.

He noted that while he was first excited about the project, after Jones' death, he felt it wouldn't be right and instead everything should be shut down. Production had already been delayed indefinitely and star William Hurt pulled out of the biopic a few days before.

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