'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'

This week on Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina gets the offer of her lifetime, Derek and his sister perform surgery together, and Dr. Bailey goes against the will of her patient.

Dr. Webber is adamant on cutting ties with the Avery Foundation. He is still furious at the politics involved with Cristina Yang’s loss, and rightfully so. He calls an emergency meeting with all board members, except Jackson Avery. Webber makes sure everyone is aware of the situation at hand and understands why Cristina Yang did not win, despite her having the sufficient amount of votes.

Although Jackson is preoccupied with April’s newfound pregnancy, he finds out of this secret board meeting. Jackson confronts Webber, but frankly Dr. Webber has no remorse. He responds by verbally attacking Dr. Avery with a whole slew of “we got in bed with your foundation too fast” and “it’s a doomed marriage” right in front of April, which basically verbalized everything she was feeling about her relationship with Jackson.

Even more, Webber is furious that Catherine Avery has made the award meaningless when it was Ellis Grey’s pride and joy. He knows firsthand what a Harper Avery means, and it is flat out wrong that Cristina or any other surgeon from Grey-Sloan should not win. The life of their hospital depends on the attention and success of their research.

The intention of the board meeting was to convince Cristina to appeal the decision of the board. Instead, Cristina is so annoyed she abandons the idea altogether. Though she fears a trip to the Swiss Alps will appear as running away, she does it anyway. A hospital in Zurich, Switzerland is very eager to hear her speak about her conduit research, and she decides to treat herself to a free trip.

When she arrives, she is thrilled to be there. She catches up on sleep in her giant hotel bed, eats breakfast on her balcony, and calls Meredith every five minutes to leave a voicemail. She and Meredith keep missing each other so the basis of their conversations and pep talks are done through voicemails, but they understand each other just as perfectly.

Just as Cristina is nearing the end of her speech, she gets a final hand in the back for a question. Immediately, she recognizes the voice. How could she ever forget the voice of her ex-fiancé, Dr. Preston Burke? He was the mastermind behind getting Yang from Seattle to Zurich, but what she doesn’t understand is why. She is filled with some annoyance and bitterness and, at this point, is ready to head home.

However, he entices her with the one thing she can never say no to – surgery. She scrubs in, and they share a magical moment together as he shows off his latest work. Burke has cleverly developed a hologram heart of his patients, where you can examine his/her beating heart by moving it around in the air and even looking inside before you even touch a scalpel. He further shows her how many printers his hospital has. Basically, their funds are bottomless, and Burke’s hospital is like a research playground. It is everything Cristina could ever dream for, and now Burke has offered her a position there.

After battling a final decision, she realizes that she cannot work in the same hospital as Burke, despite the fact that he is married and happy. The main point is that she never wanted to work under him. All her life, she wanted to be him, so taking this position would be a step backward in her journey to printing a fully functional beating heart.

But, what she didn’t understand is Burke doesn’t want her as an employee. He wants her as a replacement for himself. Cristina will finally have the reigns on her career, which is all she really cares about anyway. It is an offer she simply cannot refuse. The hard part comes when she will have to break the news and say her goodbyes to the place where she grew as a heart surgeon. She has done it once and can certainly do it again.

Meanwhile, Derek and Amelia Shepherd work together to separate two sisters that are joined at the head. They essentially share the same brain, and this operation requires all hands and all departments. They lose one of the sister’s, but it’s not Amelia’s fault. The operation brings them closer as siblings and surgeons, and it went as well as it could have given the circumstances.

Dr. Bailey, on the other hand, is busy being a rock star. Even though the bubbly boys’ parents refused the deactivated HIV insertion, Bailey did it anyway. It turns out she was right. By, giving the boy this enzyme his T cell count has sky rocketed. He is doing much better, and the only person that can give Bailey any recognition for it is Stephanie Edwards.

Next week is Cristina Yang’s final episode, which will be hard to cope with.

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