'Hawaii Five-0' recap: 'Family Comes First'

As the final episode of the season began, the viewer was taken to Solitary Confinement in a Federal Super Max Prison in Fremont County, Colorado, where Wo Fat escaped by using his nitroglycerin tablets, paint thinner, and some fertilizer.

Grover arranged a lunch meeting with Samantha at Kamekona’s to discuss her study habits, among other things. Instead of showing, she called and said she was at the library studying with a friend. Grover heard her laughing and wanted to know who was with her. It turned out that her friend was Ian Wright, the hacker who had evaded Five-0 six months prior. Ian informed Grover that he had his daughter and would kill her if his instructions were not carried out. He would call again.

Grover called McGarrett but hung up. McGarrett then later showed up at Grover’s house with a request to help on a case from the Governor – Five-0 was to transport a large amount of money and needed SWAT backup.

Back at HQ, Chin told McGarrett the only visitor Wo Fat had in the last month was Doris McGarrett. There were no recordings, as it was a sanctioned, non-monitored visit through DOD.

Ian called Grover and asked that he provide him with a fully loaded SWAT van at Kahana Bay in one hour. He also requested six SWAT uniforms of varying sizes. Ian was calling from a mansion on the Island. Following the phone call, he fed the dog, passing the body of the owner of the house and also walking past Samantha, in the dog’s cage.

Agent Novak took Five-0 to a classified location and showed them $100 million in cash, the ghost money that was to be transported. This was money that had been confiscated from drug cartels to be re-purposed.

While Grover was on the phone with Ian, a truck pulled up with Ian’s men inside. They assumed the identity of SWAT officers. On the way to intercept the caravan carrying Five-0 and the money, a message was broadcast over the police radio stating there had been a suspicious package found in Terminal 3 at the airport. This package was actually a backpack left at the scene by Ian. The airport was shutting down.

McGarrett informed his Team to be on alert, in case this wasn’t a coincidence. The caravan pulled up to the plane ready to transport as the fake SWAT drove up. Grover and the phony SWAT team exited the van and “held up” Five-0. It was also discovered that the vans were empty. There was no money at all inside. McGarrett and team had a shot and overpowered the phony officers. Grover then informed them that Ian was back and had his daughter. When Grover’s cell rang, it was obvious that Ian could see them and demanded they find his money. Grover told McGarrett his daughter’s life depended on finding that money. McGarrett said find Novak, and you find the money.

Kono found a record of Novak renting a panel van under the alias “Douglas Ayers.” Through the rental agency’s anti-theft device, they tracked down the van, but found it empty. Then, unexpectedly, Ian walked into headquarters, where he told everyone he had traced his money to the Makuakane Family in Makaha. He wanted them to go retrieve it for him before it was smuggled by the Family off the Island. And, as an afterthought, he informed everyone that he had jammed all surveillance cameras so that he would not be followed.

At the Family’s compound, Grover pushed his way in and claimed to have a bomb. His bluff was called, and it was discovered that the bomb was a fake. However, McGarrett and Team beamed lasers on Novak and secured the premises. They also found the money and called Ian, who told them to take it to the Hikina Ranch Airstrip in Waimanalo. While at the site, Grover got a call from HPD informing him that his daughter had just walked into one of the precincts. She said that Ian was dead.

Grover was reunited with Samantha at Five-0 HQ. She told him Ian was shot. It turned out he was shot by Wo Fat. Chin told McGarrett Wo Fat was coming after him. McGarrett said, “Let him.” Grover got a call to come see the Governor. He knew it could not be good.

As the episode ended, Grover was on the golf course when Five-0 came for a visit. Grover had been fired from his job and knew nothing else. He had no plans. Then, McGarrett offered him a spot on Five-0. After a bit of convincing, he took the job.

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