Hunter Pence's scooter was stolen Sunday night

Every home game San Francisco Giants outfielder, Hunter Pence, rides his motor scooter a few blocks to AT&T Park. Since being traded to the Giants from the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012, fans have constantly been amused and intrigued by his scooter. Earlier this season the Giants even gave away bobble heads of Pence riding the scooter.

image via Instagram from HunterPence

Sunday night it was stolen outside a waterfront restaurant in San Francisco according to ABCnews.

"It kind of doesn't make much sense to steal it because the charger is kind of rare. It's not going to last you very long," Pence said. "I just trust people and apparently someone else needed it more than I do."

image via Twitter from HunterPence

Pence is known as the upbeat joker amongst the Giants arrived to the Memorial Day game in a funk. "He had a sad face on this morning," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "I've never seen that from Hunter."

Pence could have filed a police report, but didn’t saying that his scooter is one of the few possessions he truly cares about and he will completely forgive the thief. He even offered a signed bobble head if the scooter were to be returned noted Yahoo.

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