'I Wanna Marry 'Harry' recap: Season 1 Episode 2

Welcome back to I Wanna Marry ‘Harry’. It is day two in the palace and for those who may not remember, it was Rose, the kindergarten teacher who was chosen by our fake prince to stay in the crown suite for the night while Leah was sent home.

For those who may not remember how the show works, let us review. Matt Hicks is a 23 year old who matches Prince Harry’s identity by 99 percent. The show then took Hicks and given him a complete royal makeover full of etiquette lessons, history class and an extensive ‘How to Be Harry’ review. While Hicks never reveals his identity, his job is to convince the girls that he is a royal and keep them guessing while attempting to find his true love, who will still like him even when they find out he is not a Prince.

Last nights episode began with ‘Harry’ entering the crown suite to find Rose in her bathrobe, makeup less and toothbrush in her mouth. He has had a special one on one breakfast prepared for the two while the other ten girls have breakfast downstairs in the dining room together as they continue to speculate about their hosts identity. During breakfast, Rose insists on learning more about ‘Harry’ and asks whether he is a frequent skier in which viewers learn that Rose is also a lifeguard and becomes very persistent in her being the one to save him if he is ever in trouble.

Near the end of their breakfast she pushes a little further by telling him, “We all just really want to know your name” and his response is him asking her what names she felt fits him. Naturally, she responds by saying a British name like Harry.

The show cuts back to the rest of the girls as they are playing polo on the grounds when they see ‘Harry’ and Rose, climbing into a helicopter off on an adventure. ‘Harry’ and Rose enjoy a romantic lunch where Rose begins to notice her surroundings. Rose recognizes the amount of men in suits watching them and informs her date with a casual, “We have some friends for lunch”. Never missing a beat he responds with, “They seemed to have crashed our party.” Smooth line sir, good work. Then to really seal the deal he slyly notes that, “a date with a royal” calls for all the stops. The date finishes with a quick dip into the water where Rose gives her man a sweet kiss. While Rose recounts the date with, “I cannot believe I am living this fairytale”, ‘Harry’ has other thoughts. She was a bit feisty and frisky during the date causing Matt to think that this is not the way a girl should act on a first date with a royal, not that he would know of course, but more power to him. He admitted that the behavior was fine for his true self, so it did not bother him as much, which is a good thing considering he’s not a prince so it will be interesting to see if her eliminates her in the future because of how it looks in a royals perspective. He is supposed to be looking for “the one” for him, not for Harry.

While the two were on their getaway, viewers get to meet some of the other girls more. First is Andrea, the 25 year old who is known for being a constant first runner up in pageants and because of this she admits to being a competitive person. This will be relevant later. The two return and all of the girls flock to ‘Harry’, leaving Rose off on her own. ‘Harry’ decides to take Kimberly aside to speak with her and while he does so, Rose drops the news to some of the other girls that the security is real. In an instant we see a large car come rushing towards ‘Harry’ which is later explained that staged instances will occur throughout the season to keep the girls guessing and gossiping, and that is the last the girls see of him for the day.

The next morning, Rose gets to assign which girls will be playing cricket and which will be helping her make tea and small sandwiches. Some girls were offended by this, one even giving an attitude with a slide, “What does Queen Rose want us to wear?” when one inquires about attire. During the cricket game, ‘Harry’ gets to be himself as Matt, since he plays the sport all the time. For him, the less acting he has to do is better for him. Ironic considering he is on a reality TV dating show.

The individual conversations continue, as Kimberly impresses him with her newfound skills and a talk with Karina, which left him with a good spark. Yet talking to Jacqueline caused him to feel that she was more of a wild child with a ‘look at me’ attitude. Following the eventful afternoon, the girls are invited to a formal dinner with more cutleries than a normal family can imagine. Walking into the evening, ‘Harry’ tells the camera that he ‘hates elimination night.’

We are coming to the end of another episode as he chooses two girls to be taken aside and tonight’s picks are Kimberly and Andrea. After a suspenseful speech, it is Andrea who is sent home from the estate as he tells her that he is not sure why she is there and there does not seem to be any chemistry between the two. Andrea is distraught, as she cannot believe she has been sent home so early considering she is the ‘first runner up’ everywhere else.

This leaves Kimberly to be the girl sent to the crown suite for the night, or as Rose calls it, “his new favorite.” The Long Island natives response was heart touching as she speaks to herself, “Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. I don’t even win bingo.” The most interesting part is she is one of the only girls who is not completely buying this Prince Harry act.

It’s never easy to send someone home, the fake prince laments admitting that it is going to get harder and harder to do as he gets to know each girl more and more. My heart goes out to the poor boy that has his handful of women he considers to all be out of his league.

But nothing can end that easily as the rest of the dinner involved the girls enjoying their fine wine and one, Maggie, having a little too much to drink. It all turns into a large argument between her and two other ladies, Anna Lisa and Meghan. Jacqueline later comes to Maggie’s defense as she says they are, “drinking buddies”, who then goes to speak to the two girls and decides to dub them the “mean girls” of the show.

The show is picking up as they become comfortable with the routine and it will be interesting to see how this small feud results with the rest of the girls. Perhaps some may never make it to ‘Harry’ if they cannot get over their own petty feuds. Check out the next episode next Tuesday at 9pm and watch his wild side come out.

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