Infertility causing death?

A new study has shown that infertile men who have semen defects have a higher mortality rate than men with healthy semen.
It has been reported that the study showed that men with two or more abnormalities in their semen were more likely to die in an eight year span.
The study examined men ages 20 to 50 who all visited fertility clinics or medical facilities to receive help with fertility. Researchers looked at semen count, volume, motility and shape for the study.
Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the study’s lead author, was concerned with the lack of attention the link between semen defects and mortality was getting, according to The Daily Mail.
“We’re seeing the same doubled risk [as with smoking or diabetes] with male infertility, which is relatively understudied,” said Eisenberg.
Infertility affects one in every seven couples at some point in their life. Though infertility is a widespread problem, Eisenberg’s study is only the third worldwide to study the connection between infertility and mortality.
Out of the 11, 935 men that were studied, 69 of them died, which is a small number. However, Eisenberg points out, that the average age of the man who died was 36.6, which is also a small number (for age).
This could be that their blood pressure is high from the stress of being infertile or maybe their blood sugar is low.
Eisenberg and his colleagues continue to try and find out why this is happening.

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