Jennifer Hudson knows where her original fanbase comes from

The American Idol sensation Jennifer Hudson recently caught up with Chicago Pride to discuss her newest album, performing this year at Chicago’s Pride Fest, and she shares more in depth beliefs about her fan base. When asked about her LGBT fans, Hudson believes the gay community is where individuals started falling in love with her first.

“Oh, my God! I would have to say everything. That's where I started. I always say it was the gay community that loved me first. It feels good to come full circle and get back into that. I am so excited!” Said Hudson, documented by Chicago Pride.

Chicago native Jennifer Hudson is excited to be performing in her hometown on June 21. Gay pride is something that is near and dear to the talented musician. Also, Alex Newell, Mya, Thelma Houston, and Betty Who are scheduled to appear in Chicago, according to On Top Magazine.

The remarkable megastar has had so much success in her young career. Not only has she been recognized as a sensational singer, she is known for having a draw dropping performance in the film Dreamgirls. With movie veterans staring with her, Hudson seemed as if she was acting as long as her co-stars have been. More success is what she hopes to achieve as her career progresses.

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