Judge rules Billboard Music Awards can use Michael Jackson hologram

The Billboard Music Awards will be able to use the hologram of Michael Jackson during the award show this weekend. A federal judge ruled on Friday that the awards can use Jackson's likeness rejecting advances from tech companies seeking to not allow the digital performance to take place.

The Huffington Post reported that Judge Kent Dawson ruled that the case didn't have enough evidence to show that the image would violate patent rights which had been held by Hologram USA Inc. and Musion Das Hologram Ltd.

These companies own the rights to this technology which was used to recreate the image of rapper Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella music festival.

Attorney Howard Weitzman, who represents Jackson's estate and dick clark productions said that the decision was not surprising and went into future detail in an email statement saying, "The request to stop this extraordinary Michael Jackson event was ludicrous."

The Billboard Music Awards, which will be taking place at the MGM in Las Vegas having been planning a "history-making" performance that will be to promote Jackson's posthumous album, Xscape, Rolling Stone added.

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