Led Zeppelin 'Whole Lotta Love' rough vocal mix video released

As we gear up for the highly anticipated first three albums from Led Zeppelin to be released as “Deluxe Editions”, a video has been released of the “Rough Mix with Vocal” version of the Led Zeppelin II classic “Whole Lotta Love”.

Released on the official Led Zeppelin website, the rough cut of the song is exactly that; missing chorus, guitar lines, audio effects, and different ad-libs give the listener the bare-bones of the song, and really give a backstage look at how a song develops.

In an accompanying commentary with the new version, John Paul Jones states, "'Whole Lotta Love' must have been very early on its life, so it probably hadn't developed into the juggernaut that it became in later years. But it's fresher, I think."

Rolling Stone noted with the deluxe version of Led Zeppelin II will also include never-before-released song “La, La”, and the backing tracks of “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)”.

The first three Led Zeppelin “Deluxe Edition” albums are set for release on June 3.

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