Mediterranean diet could have significant health benefits

New research may just explain why that fad Mediterranean diet is still so popular.
It is actually good for you! According to Nature World News, researchers at King’s College in London found that fats from olive oil and nitrite rich veggies can protect people from hypertension.
Studied before this have shown that this popular diet can help people live longer (and healthier).
The vegetables used in the Mediterranean diet in combination with olive oil forms nitro fatty acids.
The team of researchers found that nitro fatty acids help lower blood pressure.
The combination of the foods eaten during the Mediterranean diet enacts a chemical reaction in the body that helps keep blood pressure down and, in many cases, lose weight.
“The findings of our study,” said Phillip Eaton, “help to explain why previous research has shown that a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil or nuts can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular problems.”
According to The Daily Mail, researchers say that something as simple as tossing your salad in an olive oil could impact your health.
With these findings, teams are trying to concoct a pill that would recreate what the Mediterranean diet does for someone’s health.
After all, not everyone loves chomping on a salad.

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