Michael Douglas claims he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are 'doing great'

Michael Douglas states that he and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are 'doing great'.

Entertainment Tonight reports how Douglas told Entertainment Tonight correspondent Gayle King that his marriage to Zeta-Jones was doing good. Last August, the couple announced that they were taking a break from each other to examine their marriage. The pair are parents to two children, Dylan and Carys. Douglas says, "Sometimes we spend more efforts with people that are strangers in terms of making an impression than the person that's closest to us. And you just gotta remember not to take for granted that person that's closest to you."

In March, Douglas' mother Diana Dill, said that Douglas and Zeta-Jones were back together. Also, Dill said that Douglas didn't inform her that he had been diagnosed with cancer until it became public knowledge. Dill explains, "He kept it very much to himself." Last November, Douglas admitted that he lied about having throat cancer, instead he had was diagnosed with tongue cancer.

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