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Mikey Wax releases self titled debut

Mikey Wax has released his self titled debut and is making an impressive debut with this record. Wax impressive as both a musician and a songwriter on each track of this record. He has managed to create a catchy pop sound with elements of rock instrumentals that really help to take the album to another level.

The album opens with the track "You Lift Me Up," which is a strong opening and helps to introduce fans right away to the upbeat pop sound that can be found on this record. Fans can feel the energy that went into this recording and it is impressive that just upon listening to the first track of this record, fans want to see what else it has to offer and keep listening.

The album does experiment with tone, moving into a more modern and mature sound on some songs like "Bottle of Jack" and "Take Me Home." The whole album feels like a well put together musical story instead of just singles, which is often the main fault of pop albums.

Every track off of Mikey Wax has a unique and organic feel but the music is fresh and familiar at the same time. Any track off of this album could do well on the current pop and rock charts. Overall, Wax has sound that is very similar to that of Andy Grammer or Tony Lucca.

For music fans who are looking for something new in the pop/rock scope, Wax has an impressive talent that will shine in this scope. Wax is an artist to watch and that music fans will likely hear on the radio within the coming months.

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