Must Watch Videos: Keyshia Cole, Ludacris, Cher Lloyd

With thousands of YouTube videos uploaded every minute it is hard to decide which videos are worth viewing time. Especially, when it comes to music videos. With so many new music videos coming out each week, it is hard to keep track of them all. If you are in the mood for country, rock or pop has it covered. Each week, highlights the top ten best music videos to view.

This week features hot music videos from up and coming artist Mazzy Star with the single “I’m Less Here.” This list also features a new debut from Keyshia Cole and a new music video from Sick Puppies with their latest single “Die To Save You.” This week also includes new videos from Sarah McLachlan and an unforgettable new hit from Ludacris. This week also showcases the brand new video from Cher Lloyd with her latest single “Sirens.”

Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of top ten.

[new page= Keyshia Cole-Next Time]

10. Keyshia Cole-Next Time

Keyshia Cole is known for her unique sound and R&B style and fans cannot get enough of her latest single “Next Time.”

[new page= Mazzy Star- I’m Less Here]

9. Mazzy Star- I’m Less Here

Mazzy Star is an American progressive rock band that is becoming well known in the music industry. They have just released their new single for “I’m Less Here” and fans cannot get enough of their new rock sound.

[new page= Sarah McLachlan-In Your Shoes]

8. Sarah McLachlan-In Your Shoes

Sarah McLachlan is well known with her pop classics and is back with her latest music video, which features the lyrics to “In Your Shoes.”

[new page= Tori Amos=Trouble’s Lament]

7. Tori Amos=Trouble’s Lament

Tori Amos is a Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter who is back with her latest single “Trouble’s Lament.”

[new page= Sick Puppies-Die to Save You]

6. Sick Puppies-Die to Save You

Sick Puppies has related their latest behind the scene driven music video for their single, “Die to Save You.”

[new page= tyDi ft. Dia Frampton- Stay]

5. tyDi ft. Dia Frampton- Stay

Dia Frampton was one of the first contestants on NBC’s The Voice to really do well following the show and she has now teamed up with tyDi and their new music video for “Stay” has hit the web.

[new page= Ludacris ft. Jeremih, Wiz Khalifa & Cashmere Cat-Party Girls]

4. Ludacris ft. Jeremih, Wiz Khalifa & Cashmere Cat-Party Girls

Ludacris is taking a breaking from his acting career to return to music with the music video for his latest “Party Girls.”

[new page= Cher Lloyd-Sirens ]

3. Cher Lloyd-Sirens

Cher Lloyd has just released the music video for her current chart topping single, “Sirens.” The video is likely to become an instant fan favorite.

[new page= Iggy Azalea-Fancy]

2. Iggy Azalea-Fancy

The song that has taken over the radio airwaves recent, “Fancy” has a music video to match and Iggy Azalea is an artist to watch in the next couple of months. The song is catchy and the music video matches that level of pop music fun.

[new page= The Summer Set-Lightning in a Bottle]

1. The Summer Set-Lightning in a Bottle

Just in time for summer, The Summer Set has released the music video for their catchy single “Lightning in a Bottle.”

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