Netflix releases new documentaries

Subscribers of Netflix have something to celebrate. The service announced a deal to premiere four new films.

The first of four new films to be released will be Battered Bastards of Baseball about a former minor league baseball team, according to Associated Press. Netflix will also make new documentaries available, including Mission Blue, and E-Team, a film about human rights workers. Print The Legend, a film about 3-D printing, will also be available on the service. These new documentaries will appear on the streaming service, according to The Huffington Post.

The subscription service did announce that they are looking for new ways to collaborate with filmmakers. The company said that they would like more films to be made for Netflix so that they could widely distribute the films. Lisa Nishimura, who is in charge of documentaries for Netflix, said that they are looking for films on a variety of topics. They also say that Netflix can offer different options than a feature film releases. Netflix releases are available for a longer time on their subscription service.

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