NFL owners table playoff expansion discussion

There will not be any expansion to the National Football League for the upcoming season after team owners tabled the discussion on Tuesday.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy spoke with USA Today and said, "There will be no vote today." The next chance owners could talk about playoff expansion would be in the fall with the 2014 season already in progress.

Stephen Jones, Dallas Cowboys executive vice president and COO, noted that the league needs to "methodically work our way through all these things" before going ahead with any talk of expansion. Jones added that it was "too much" to sort out before deciding to move forward.

While many owners have expressed interest in playoff expansion, Today previously reported on Monday that the NFL Players Association would be against any expansion until the league addressed 'better workers compensation benefits or increased injury protection benefits," NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said.

With the discussion tabled for now, owners now must turn their focus on where the 2018 Super Bowl should be played, according to The Associated Press. They must decide between Minneapolis, Indianapolis and New Orleans.

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