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Oregon bus driver recuses toddler wandering around busy road (Video)

A bus driver in Gresham, Oregon saved a diaper-clad two-year-old he found wandering too close to a busy roadway.

According to KPTV, Bill Clark, was driving a TriMet bus around 8:15 last Friday morning when he noticed a small child dangerously close to the street.

The Oregonian reported that the toddler, who was barefoot in only a T-shirt and diaper, was about to step into one of the area’s busiest thoroughfares.

Luckily, Clark spotted the tot and pulled over to grab him before that happened.

"I just caught a glimpse of him, stopped the bus and got out to see if his parents were around," the 62-year-old said. "They weren't. So, I picked him up and took him to the transit center."

Once there, Clark gave the little boy, whose name is James, some hot chocolate and met up with authorities a few blocks away from where he found him.

Police questioned his parents and learned that James got out of the house while his father was asleep. He was later reunited with his son.

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