Peter Fonda joins AMC's 'Galyntine,' director David Mackenzie disembarks

Peter Fonda has joined the cast for the Ridley Scott-produced AMC pilot Galyntine, while director David Mackenzie has departed.

In the pilot, and the show if it gets picked up, Fonda will play Crawford, who is said to be a "grizzled ultratraditionalist" quite unhappy and frustrated that he was pushed aside as leader of the group of survivors, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who first learned of the casting. He is joined by actress Catherine Dent in the cast.

The series examines a dark future where humanity no longer can use technology and must find a way to survive together. There is also said to be a hint of science fiction in the show.

While casting has begun, Deadline is the first to report that Mackenzie has decided to move on from the AMC project due to creative differences. In his place, executive producer Greg Nicotero will direct the pilot based off Jason Cahil's script.

Nicotero has experience directing as he has been the guiding force behind seven episodes of AMC's most popular drama, The Walking Dead. He will helm another four episodes for the fifth season.

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