Polaris Rose releases 'OceanSongs' EP

Polaris Rose, a Los Angeles based band consisting of singers/guitarists Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse with Kiel Feher on drums, have released their third EP entitled OceanSongs, showcasing their eclectic mix of different sounds along with the soothing, soft vocals of both the singers.

The EP has five songs, but every one of them captures the essence of Polaris Rose’s sound. The artists don’t stick to just one particular rhythm and their vocals are soft and harmonious in comparison with the acoustics, which range from being slow and steady, to sometimes showcasing a faster pitch.

The album opens with “Goddess,” which begins with an instrumental note that is very quick, but slowly builds into the soft sound of the musicians. With a guitar rift that is noticeable in beginning the song, the band draws attention with their sound.

Both Anthony and Elyse showcase their amazing voices in turn, and Elyse displays her talents in the song “Hurricanes,” with Anthony harmonizing with her. The drums are prominent, casting a soft beat to the soothing harmonies between Elyse and Anthony.

One of the songs that was a favorite was “OceanEnding,” which showcased a softer side to the acoustics, with both singers harmonizing, creating a slow, soothing rhythm and showcasing the rise of this band.

The band is currently working on demos for their first album and considering the fresh sound of their EP, they are sure to come out strong with the music they plan to release. Their EP is available on iTunes and their first album is planned for debut later this year.

On their website, they said in a blog entry their work on one of three planned albums, Mechanical Clouds is “jazzy, progressive rock with a dark side.” With all the work the band is putting into, it is clear they are ready to showcase their work to a broader audience, and the songs from OceanSongs is a nice preview to their upcoming music.

A video for “Hurricanes” is below.

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