Police investigating jailhouse selfie '28 Grams' rapper Wiz Khalifa took after marijuana possession arrest

Following “Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa’s arrest for marijuana possession this past weekend, cops are reportedly investigating a selfie he posted from his jail cell in Texas.

As we previously reported, the rapper was arrested in the airport while trying to fly from El Paso to Dallas, Texas on Sunday.
Soon after, he posted a selfie of himself from inside of his cell, which is considered a breach of security.

TMZ reports police are currently investigating to see if either he was left alone with no supervision or if someone working there broke the rules and allowed him to use his cell phone to take a picture while in the cell.

Khalifa just released his new mixtape 28 Grams, which he’s been busy tweeting about since he got released from jail. He likely didn’t mind the arrest, as he posted a photo of himself on Instagram smoking marijuana on Monday.

“This is what good mornings are made of,” he wrote.

image via Instagram from Wiz Khalifa

image courtesy of MPI/INFevents.com Ref: infusny-244

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