Prince Harry sends out first Tweet

Prince Harry has officially joined Twitter sending out his first tweet ever! Welcome!

According to the New York Daily News, the 29-year-old, Prince Harry, has sent out his first tweet ever at a press conference Thursday in London to promote the Invictus games in London to help support sick, wounded, or injured servicemen and women through sport. The games will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London in September. During the conference he shared some of his thoughts on this glorious occasion and just what supporting the games will do:

"For many of those who have suffered life-changing injuries, sport plays a huge important part in their recovery and life beyond ... This is particularly true for men and women injured in the service of their country," he said.

"By the nature of their profession, these men and women are often very active and undoubtedly highly competitive.The Invictus Games this September will give these inspirational people the opportunity to showcase their talent and, in doing so, prove that anything is really possible."

According to CNN he also joined a number of accounts including Prince Charles, who tweets from @ClarenceHouse, Prince Andrew, who's name is @TheDukeOfyork, on Twitter and of course the Queen, who is represented by the @BritishMonarchy.

Although Prince Harry is yet to make a twitter of his own, he has officially entered the world of Twitter one tweet at a time.

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