Rap Genius, National Music Publishers Association reach agreement

Rap Genius, one of the most popular lyrics sites on the web, has reached an agreement with the National Music Publishers Association. The NMPA had said that the site was one of 50 that didn’t have the right to post lyrics.

Both sides came to some kind of an agreement, but details were scarce in a press release from Rap Genius. David Israelite, NMPA president and CEO praised the site as a “unique site that allows music fans to connect with songwriters and the emotions they express through their lyrics,” adding that he applauds the site on working out a deal.

“As more music fans find lyrics they relate to and are curious about online, it becomes imperative that various industries form collaborative partnerships such as what NMPA and Rap Genius have accomplished today,” Israelite added.

“The NMPA’s members represent some of the best songwriters in the world,” the site’s co-founder, Ilan Zechory, added. “Rap Genius allows these songwriters to showcase their work and interact with their biggest fans in unprecedented ways – we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”

The announcement offered no further details on the partnership or if Rap Genius did have to pay some kind of monetary settlement.

Back in November, Rap Genius and the NMPA were at each other’s throats as NMPA accused the site of not paying publishing fees for posting lyrics. The association targeted 50 sites that a University of Georgia researcher said were not paying songwriters and publishers.

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