Resistor 'First World Problems' album review

Philadelphia native, Resistor is a Synthpop band. Synthpop is a style of pop that primarily uses a synthesizer. Synthesizers (Sound Synthesizers) can create a wide range of sounds. In the 80s, these devices were used in rock music. This is why you’ll notice 80s electronic elements in the Resistors album First World Problems. Have you ever heard a song and thought, “The title of this song has nothing to do with the lyrics?” This won’t happen with First World Problems. The track titles are very relevant to the message in the lyrics.

For example, “Narcissists” is amusing, because there are people out there that think this way. Plus, you can picture the surroundings and people he is talking about. I would rock this loudly on my iPod just to see the looks I would get.
“Vincent Van Gogh” is very interesting. So many artist work hard to gain fame and recognition. Some never achieve this goal. Others gain fame after death. That’s why I love the irony of titling it “Vincent Van Gogh. It is clever and witty. The lyrics clash with the instrumental in a strange but surprisingly pleasant way. It stops you from taking his lyrics too seriously.

If you like alternative quirky music, I suggest listening First World Problems. It released Tuesday, May 20, 2014. This album is not for someone that takes themselves too seriously. If you like The Lonely Island, you will like Resistor. Though the genres are different, the humor and care free attitude are similar. By the way, Resistor is having their release show at Bourbon Branch Friday, May 30, 2014. It will be at 8:00 pm. Tickets are sold at the door. If you want to go, add it your Facebook calendar. Before you go, I suggest getting your copy from Amazon or iTunes today!

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