Rocket Scientists release 'Supernatural Highways'

Rocket Scientists bring back a style of rock 'n' roll that has not been heard from in a while with their latest release Supernatural Highways. They have a sound that is grand, loud and feels like that of classic rock 'n' roll bands of the past like Queen.

Throughout the album, Rocket Scientists are not afraid to explore with their instruments to really create a full and engulfing sound that grabs the attention of fans within the first track.

The two songs that are featured on the album are grand and long in length. The first "Traveler on the Supernatural Highways" plays for over 26 minutes and in that time frame builds up to a grand finale. It is not often that a band would take such a risk and really take the time to explore a musical thought in such a grand and time consuming way.

Even though at times it feels like this song could have been broken up into smaller, more digestible pieces, it is nice to see a band really willing to take a risk and go with their own musical vision instead of fitting into what is already on the radio airwaves.

The other track on the album, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" has many similar instrumentals as the first song but it is much shorter and feels like all of the ideas coming together in a more easy to listen to way.

The band lets the instruments tell the story instead of fitting into a pre-packaged musical formula.

Overall this is a group to watch because they remember that music creation is not rocket science after all.

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