San Diego wildfires continue spreading

The wildfires that have been roaring in California have prompted the evacuation of 20,000 homes outside of San Diego.

The Associated Press reported that no homes have been reported damaged in either of the fires, but many homes are considered threatened by the large fires.

The fire began in the Rancho Bernardo are of San Diego and quickly spread to 700 acres and the flames have continued to grow due to the famous Santa Ana winds.

"This area's been through this before," said Cameron Stout, a man affected by the wildfires. "I thought the recent rains would have prevented this from happening. But after a couple days of 100 degrees, it's reversed all that."

The fire, according to TIME started on April 30. It has burned about 1,600 acres and was 53 percent contained at one point. When the temperatures rose, it prevented fire crews from fighting the fire from the air.

Even though no buildings have been damaged in the fires, fire officials are already saying that this fire season may be one of the worst yet.

While the 20,000 citizens were being evacuated outside of San Diego, another 1,200 homes and businesses were being evacuated from another fire that had suddenly grown to 500 acres.

Record high temperatures are being predicted throughout California for the next two days. San Diego's high of 94 tied a 1979 record on Tuesday.

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