Shelly Sterling finally speaks out about husband Donald Sterling (Video)

For the first time Shelly Sterling wife of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is speaking out about Sterling's racist remarks.

ABC News elusively reveals how Mrs. Sterling is speaking out about her husband for the first time in an interview with Barbara Walters that is scheduled to air on Sunday night (May 11). In the interview Mrs. Sterling discusses her reaction to her husband's now infamous racist remarks and the lifetime ban Mr. Sterling received from the NBA. Mrs. Sterling says, "I was shocked by what he said. And -- well, I guess whatever their decision is -- we have to live with it." However, Mrs, Sterling adds that she shouldn't be disciplined for what her husband's behavior.

As reported previously, Sterling owns half of the Clippers team and wants to keep her ownership interest in the team. However, the NBA is trying to force her husband to sell the Clippers.

Mrs. Sterling also told Barbara Walters that her husband is suffering from dementia. Earlier reports claimed that Mr. Sterling had prostate cancer.

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