Teenager Edgar Hernandez loses 200 pounds and completes marathon

At just 16 years old, Edgar Hernandez was disgusted to learn that he was pre-diabetic. Weighing 370 pounds, he knew it was time to make a change.

Both of Edgar’s parents had developed type 2 diabetes in their forties. They were devastated to hear about Edgar’s medical condition.

High school was not easy for Edgar, as he faced bullying every day. He was seeing a therapist for depression symptoms. He told Utah People’s Post, Utah People’s Post “I tried my best to ignore it. But there were times when I just gave in and started crying.”

The result of Edgar’s blood test was quite the wake up call. CNN CNN reports that Edgar said, “It was time to stop blaming others for my choices and make a choice to take responsibility.” He started an exercise regime.

Today 5-foot-9 inch Edgar is 18 years old, and weighs 185 pounds. He has lost nearly 200 pounds. His weight loss was slow at first. With the help of his older brother Mario, he soon kicked it into high gear with daily exercise, portion control, and introducing healthier foods into his diet.

Mario has lost 70 pounds, and the two continue to train alongside one another. Mario told CNN, CNN “As a family, we go outside more, walk a little more. It shows because we have a lot more energy.”

Edgar has a newfound love of running and recently ran his first half-marathon in April. He plans to run another one soon.

Edgar will attend Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in the fall and plans to study exercise science.

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