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Thailand military declares coup, party leaders detained

On Thursday, Thailand’s military chief announced that the country has been taken over in coup and that key party leaders had been detained.

The Los Angeles Times reported that in a televised address, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha vowed that order will be restored. He said that the military formed a "national peacekeeping committee" and pledged that the situation would “protect the monarchy” and be back to normal as soon as possible.

CNN noted the announcement came three days after the military declared martial law, however, at the time, they said it was not a coup.

In the address, officials also said that the cabinet will report directly to the military, a strict curfew will be enforced and all non-military broadcasting has been suspended.

Political gatherings have been banned as well.

Amid the crisis in the country, talks were held between political leaders and the army on Tuesday. Those leaders were detained by the military on Thursday.

The country has faced several attempted and full-blown coups since 1932.

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