Top 10 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' appearances

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been promoting their film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for the past couple of months on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Access Hollywood, ABC News and other media outlets. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone work hard to keep their off-screen relationship private. The two play love interests Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy, in the second installment of Marc Webb's superhero franchise.

Their on-screen chemistry is highly praised for being believable, but when asked questions about their real relationship, they do their best to change the subject.

Garfield hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and Stone was there to provide her support, having hosted in the past. Stone even shared a special and awkward kissing segment with Garfield on the show.

Here are the Top 10 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 promotional interviews from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

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10. Breakfast

In an interview with Breakfast, Garfield spends a lot of time avoiding relationship questions. He also speaks about costume fittings, and just being happy with the success he has received overall so far.

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9. ABC News with Emma Stone

In an interview with ABC News, Stone speaks about her on air chemistry with Garfield, and even expressed her love for him. She speaks about her character and how she felt it was a perfect fit. She even gives advice to those who look up to her, saying “I think authenticity is probably the most important thing, and remaining true to yourself despite any pressure from outside forces.”

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8. The Show Biz

In an interview on The Show Biz, Andrew and Emma talk about how Spider-Man 2 will affect the amount of fame they receive. The two joke around and laugh together so naturally, showing their great chemistry off camera.

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7. Glamour UK

In an interview with Glamour UK, Garfield speaks about the influence Spider-Man had on him as a child. Stone also speaks about how her brother is not impressed that she is in Spider-Man 2. Garfield also explains that he has a personal connection with Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and how he paid homage to both Toby Maguire and Stan Lee. Their on-screen chemistry was discussed as well.

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6. Australian TV

In an interview with members of Australian TV, Garfield and Stone speak about how they make Spider-Man’s package look well in the film. They also talk about the amount of kissing in the film, and who benefits the least from it. They then veer off into Stone’s obsession with the Spice Girls, and their anti-aging secrets.

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5. Andrew Garfield on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

In his Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance, Garfield spoke about the new Spider-Man 2, but the most memorable portion of his appearance was the pocket bike race he had with Fallon that took place throughout the studio. Showing his younger side, Garfield raced around the track with ease.

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4. ABC News with Andrew Garfield

In this interview with ABC News, Garfield explains how Spider-Man has helped him with bullies as a young child. He also explains that he will write a book about his feelings about Stone. He also praises her acting abilities and how great she is to work with.

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3. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

In an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the two try to keep their personal life a secret, dodging questions about their on screen chemistry and how they prepare for a kiss. After an awkward moment of silence, the interview continues.

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2. Saturday Night Live

In his opening monologue as host of Saturday Night Live, Garfield expressed his nervousness, and how Stone gave him some advice on how to succeed. Stone even joined him on stage to root him on. Their appearance together shows the comical side of their relationship. The two even shared a kissing skit together that was both entertaining, and uncomfortable.

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1. Access Hollywood

In an Interview with Access Hollywood, Garfield once again praises Stone and her acting abilities. He talks about the love story between their characters. He speaks about fan reactions towards Spider-Man’s future. He also speaks on Spider-Man being Jewish.

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