Top 10 Dream 'Power Rangers' Cast Members

Go go Power Rangers remake!

Pull out your old Might Morphin Power Ranger VHS tapes, because there is a Power Rangers remake. Lionsgate, the studio behind Hunger Games and Divergent, has teamed up with Saban Brands have announced plans to reboot the Power Rangers series. The studio and Saban, which owns the Power Rangers brand, said that the new film will “re-envision” the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Power Rangers follows a group of average teens who are given powers by Zordon, a magical head in a lamp. The original Power Rangers were pink, white, blue, yellow, red and black. The actors for each Power Ranger has changed throughout the years but the colors have stayed the same.

The original series, which started in 1993, has had many switch ups through the years. There have been ninja Power Rangers, dino Power Rangers among others. As a Power Rangers lover, I have a bias toward the original Power Rangers. Therefore, when casting the new Power Rangers, I decided to base them off of the characters that were in the original Might Morphin Power Rangers movie.

With the new movie, there will be a new cast. With a new cast, there are so many options. After reviewing actors that are currently hot, I have listed my dream cast for the movie. I have listed actors for each of the rangers for Rita Repulsa, Ivan Ooze, Zordon and Dulcea.

If you agree with my choices or have a better idea, comment below? Most of all, are you ready for a remake.

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10. Rita Repulsa

Originally Played by: Julia Cortez
Who should play her: Minnie Driver
Where you know her: She plays Fiona in NBC’s About a Boy.
Why she would be great: She is a completely different than the original Rita. However, Driver would play a great refresh to the original series. Rita was one of the most interesting of the Power Ranger villains and her voice was part of it. Driver has an accent that would be hilarious out of Rita’s big mouth.

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9. Dulcea

Originally Played by: Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Who should play her:Selena Gomez
Where you know her: Her relationship with Justin Bieber is always in the news. She was also in the film Spring Breakers and the Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place.
Why she would be great: Although Gomez’s projects have become a little more R-rated and a little less Disney, she would be a great fit for the Power Rangers movie. It is unclear whether or not they would bring back Dulcea, the character that saved the Power Rangers in the original movie, but Dulcea is an important character. Gomez’s past with strong, magical women (Wizards of Waverly Place), she would be a great fit for another magical character.

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8. Ivan Ooze

Originally Played by: Paul Freeman
Who should play him: Tyler Perry
Where you know him: He dresses in drag for all of the Madea movies. He also produces and writes other films with his name attached.
Why he would be great: Ivan Ooze is all costume and Perry has experience dressing as crazy characters. Ivan is just evil, ugly Madea.

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7. Zordon

Originally Played by: Nicholas Bell
Who should play him:Matt Damon
Where you know him: He is a very well known actor. Most recently he was in the film The Monuments Men. Damon has kicked butt in all of the Bourne movies.
Why he would be great: Zordon is just a face and a voice. Damon’s got the face for it and the calm, yet booming voice for it. He could be the trainer to all of the Power Rangers. Plus, he can add a little sarcastic sass to an already strong character.

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6. The Red Ranger

Character Name: Rocky DeSantos
Originally Played by: Steve Cardenas
Who should play him: Ian Harding
Where you know him: He plays Ezra Fitz in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.
Why he would be great: Rocky is the sweet guy. He can kick butt and take names but those names would probably be in beautiful cursive. Harding’s Ezra is basically Rocky before he became a Power Ranger. All you have to do is pull the schoolteacher out of Harding’s acting and you’ve got yourself a Red Ranger.

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5. The Black Ranger

Character Name: Adam Park
Originally Played by: Johnny You Bosch
Who should play him:Avan Jogia
Where you know him: He plays Danny Desai in ABC Family’s Twisted.
Why he would be great: His character on Twisted is complicated and emotionally tough. I can only imagine that the acting that Jogia does on Twisted and be transferred over to Power Rangers. He looks the part too. All Jogia would need to do was get the physical strength and he could do it.

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4. Blue Ranger

Character Name: Billy Cranston
Originally Played by: David Yost
Who should play him: Zac Efron
Where you know him: He was in the films, High School Musical, The Lucky One and most recently, Neighbors
Why he would be great: He was in the running to be in the new Star Wars movie and is pretty fit. Being a Power Ranger is less about the acting and more about the look. Zac Efron definitely has the looks.

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3. Yellow Ranger

Character Name: Aisha Campbell
Originally Played by: Karan Ashley
Who should play her: Zoe Kravitz
Where you know her: She has appeared in films such as Divergent, X-Men First Class and After Earth.
Why she would be great: Kravitz has experience with action packed films. She has also been a cast member of many fan driven films, so she knows how to appease viewers. She is just well known enough to be memorable but her star power won’t overwhelm the rest of the cast.

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2. Pink Ranger

Character Name: Kimberly Hart
Originally Played by: Amy Jo Johnson
Who should play her: Chloe Grace Moretz
Where you know her: She was in the films Kick Ass, and Carrie.
Why she would be great: In Kick Ass and Dark Shadows, Moretz can kick butt. Part of being the Pink Ranger is being sweet while also kicking butt. Moretz can do that.

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1. White Ranger

Character Name: Tommy Oliver
Originally Played by: Jason David Frank
Who should play him: Sam Claflin
Where you know him: He plays Finnick in the Hunger Games films.
Why he would be great: Part of Tommy’s part is that he is “the cute one” and the boyfriend to the Pink Ranger. Claflin is very cute and would have good chemistry with Moretz.

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