Top 10 Seth Rogen films

With Neighbors opening in theaters this weekend, it’s a great time to take a look at some of Seth Rogen’s best films. From animated features to R-rated comedies, his career spreads across multiple genres. While it is possible to enjoy some of the other flicks, Rogen’s best work comes in the crude comedy genre.

Rogen is an actor, director and stand up comedian. His first breakout role was on the cult-classic TV series, Freaks and Geeks. Since his days on TV, he is mostly seen in Judd Apatow films. He tends to shift toward the R-rated, funny films with very crude jokes.

Along with being an actor, he has written films as well. He wrote Superbad, Pineapple Express, This is the End and many others. He has written the films The Interview and Sausage Party, which haven’t been released yet. He has been in 26 films, written eight movies, directed two movies and produced 10 films.

Because of his long and successful filmography, choosing his best was difficult. With each choice is a short plot summary, his character’s name and what makes the movie so great. To accompany that information, there is also a trailer to watch.

Before you go check out Neighbors, here are Seth Rogen’s top 10 best films. If your favorite isn't on the list, comment and let me know what your favorite is!

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10. 40-Year-Old Virgin

Character Name: Cal, Andy’s (Steve Carell) co-worker.
Plot of the movie: A immature, middle-aged man (Carell) is a virgin. His coworkers Andy, David (Paul Rudd) and Jay (Romany Malco) tell him that he needs to lose his virginity. After trying to meet different women, he meets Trish (Catherine Keener) and dates her. With Trish, he begins his sexual journey.
Why it’s so great: Steve Carell is perfect in his role of Andy. There is the unique, sweetness about him. While Rogen’s role isn’t as big as the rest of the characters, his Cal has great one-liners.

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9. Superbad

Character Name: Officer Michaels, the cop that picks up McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and spends the entire time with the teen in the back seat.
Plot of the movie: Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are graduating from high school with no popularity. They decide to go to one last party to win over the girls that they like. Because of that, they are in for the night of their lives.
Why it’s so great: Rogen actually helped to write the film. He even named Jonah Hill’s character after himself. The movie proves Rogen’s chops for humor, even though he doesn’t say the words himself.

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8. Funny People

Character Name: Ira
Plot of the movie: A selfish comedian, (Adam Sandler), finds out that he is dying. Because of that, he gets back to his roots and meets Ira, who becomes his assistant. As moves on, he realizes everything he missed and the changes he has made. He even contacts his ex (Leslie Mann) to make up with her. Ira becomes his second hand and his best friend through everything.
Why it’s so great: This movie has the heart and the laughs. In one of Adam Sandler’s good films, it shines as a man that actually grows during the movie. The jokes are cheap, they’re smart and that is what makes the film so great.

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7. Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Character Name: Zack Brown
Plot of the movie: After Zack and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) realizes how much the porn industry makes and how much they need money, they decide to make a porno. After developing the movie, the romantic feelings start to occur as well.
Why it’s so great: It’s a typical Rogen film. It’s funny and smart. By the end of the movie, the characters are fully developed and everyone has the happy ending that you expect.

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6. Neighbors

Character Name: Mac Radner, wife to Kelly (Rose Byrne) and neighbor to Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco)
Plot of the movie: A young couple, Mac and Kelly, live in a nice neighborhood with their baby, Stella. After Teddy and Pete’s fraternity move next door and make a lot of noise, Mac and Kelly call the police. This starts an all out war between the two.
Why it’s so great: Rogen’s newest movie, which was released today, is definitely one of his best. While it is a “stupid funny” movie, the jokes were nonstop. Between the Radner’s psychological warfare to the fraternity’s pranks, the movie is great.

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5. Kung Fu Panda

Character Name: Mantis, a Chinese mantis who is part of the Furious Five, the best Kung Fu animals in the world.
Plot of the movie: Po (Jack Black) is a giant panda. He is a huge fan of the Furious Five and kung fu but his dad wants him to take over the family noodle business. However, he is chosen to be a kung fu warrior and trains to defeat Tai Lung, the villain.
Why it’s so great: Rogen in a kid’s movie may seem like a really bad idea. Kung Fu Panda is the perfect mix of humor that kids understand and those little laughs that the kids don’t quite catch. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hear Jack Black’s voice come out of a Panda?

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4. 50/50

Character Name: Kyle, Adam’s (Joseph Gordon Levitt) best friend.
Plot of the movie: After Adam is diagnosed with a malignant tumor, he realizes that the treatment is 50/50. Kyle and Adam spend the movie looking at their lives and what is going on around them as Adam knows that he may or may not die.
Why it’s so great: This is just a good movie all around. The emotion of the characters is felt. It’s funny but also has that little piece of heart to it. It shows the true meaning of friendship.

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3. Pineapple Express

Character Name: Dale Denton, a process server and pot smoker.
Plot of the movie: In the film, Dale and his dealer, Saul (James Franco) go to visit a service, Ted (Gary Cole), and find him and a dirty cop (Rosie Perez) shoot an Asian man. After they flee, Saul leaves a rare strain of marijuana. The entire movie is the bad guys chasing Saul, Dale and another dealer, Red (Danny McBride).
Why it’s so great: This a perfect example of a “stupid funny” movie done right. The jokes don’t distract from the story line. Dale’s character is not only believable but Rogen’s acting was simply made for the part.

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2. This is the End

Character Name: Seth Rogen, he plays a fictionalized version of himself
Plot of the movie: After the apocalypse hits, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Barchel and Craig Robinson are cooped up in Franco’s home after all of the other celebrities die. They have to figure out how to survive.
Why it’s so great: It makes fun of apocalyptic movies while being a unique movie on its own. The movie, which is based on Rogen’s Seth and Jay Survive the Apocalypse had critical acclaim as well. The cameos of celebrities at Franco’s house at the beginning of the movie are great as well.

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1. Knocked Up

Character Name: Ben Stone, the father of Alison Scott’s (Katherine Heigl) baby
Plot of the movie:After a drunken one-night stand between Ben, an unemployed slacker and Alison, a hard working journalist, Alison realizes that she is pregnant. The movie deals with the fallout with the pregnancy and the relationship that occurs because of it.
Why it’s so great: While Katherine Heigl may have spoken out against it, I believe that it is Rogen’s best movie. He shines against Heigl’s straight man character. While some of the jokes were a little too crude, it was still a pretty great movie.

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