Top 10 Songs about sex

Let’s talk about sex…songs.

Between hip hop music, soul music and pop music, there are many songs about sex. There are sons about wanting it, doing it, and after it. Finding ten songs about sex was an easy task but picking the best ones was difficult.

These aren’t songs to have sex to, sexy songs or whatever. These songs are about the artists having sex or talking about having sex. While they’re good love making jams, they’re not meant to be listened to while spending time with your significant other.

Obviously, this article is not safe for work and if you’re around kids, we suggest you listen to these with headphones. If you can’t listen, with each video, we have the best (and sexiest) lyrics of the song to prove how much it is like sex. If you want to hear songs about sex without being offended, the film Pitch Perfect did a mashup of sex songs and some of them overlap with this list.

The list is wide. These artists range from The Rolling Stones to Salt-n-Pepa and that’s just a few. Some of these songs are rather graphic while others tend to look at sex in a romantic way.

Here are the top 10 songs about sex. If I forgot your favorite, comment below!

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10. ”Let’s Talk About Sex,” Salt-n-Pepa

“Let’s Talk About Sex” is first on the list because it completely wraps up what the entire list is about. It is a list of 10 songs talking about sex. “Let’s Talk About Sex” is sarcastic in talking about how bad it is to talk about sex. The most scandalous lyrics are “No love, just sex/followed next with a check and a note. That last night was dope.” “Let’s Talk About Sex” is sung by Salt-n-Pepa who also released hit such as “Push it” and “Shoop.” “Push it,” coincidentally, is also about sex.

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9. ”What’s Your Fantasy,” Ludacris

“What’s Your Fantasy” is a very graphic song about sex. It details what Ludacris would like to do during sex. That includes “lick you for yo’ head to yo’ toes” and “Doing it in the DJ booth.” He is completely unapologetic in the song and even doesn’t mind if the person who he is having sex with is single. In one part of the song he sings, “Like up on the roof/tell yo boyfriend not to be mad at me.” I’m not sure how a boyfriend would feel about Ludacris doing his girlfriend in the bathroom and classroom. But I feel like he’d be mad.

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8. Feels Like the First Time,” Foreigner

This song is sweet. This is about a man’s first time with a girl that he feels so comfortable with and attracted to that she changes everything. The lyric “I guess its just the woman in you/that brings out the man in me” is adorable and he finishes with a cute “You’re all in the world to me.”

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7. ”Sexual Healing,” Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye is an expert when it comes to sexual and sensual songs. Two of his songs made this list and really, we could have made a list of Marvin Gaye’s sexiest songs because he has so many. The first lines of the song start out with a- bang. “Now let’s get down tonight/baby I’m hot just like an oven/I need some lovin’” is the first verse. Now, I’m no sex expert, or sexpert, but I feel like that’s Gaye saying that he’s ready for sex like- now.

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6. ”Lady Marmalade,” LaBelle

While the lyrics are pretty sexual, the line that is blatantly about sex is in French. The line “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir/Voulez-vous coucher avec moi” translates into “Would you sleep with me tonight? Would you sleep with me?” In “Lady Marmalade” the sex is so passionate that you need two languages to talk about it.

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5. ”Ring My Bell,” Anita Ward

This song could either be about sex or a woman’s bell being rung. I’m going to consider this one to be about sex. Almost the entire song is the line “You can ring my bell/ring my bell” and if it is about a bell, it would be an incredibly dumb song. At the beginning of the song, the woman comes home and does dishes then gets her bell rung. That sounds like an interesting evening.

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4. ”Honky Tonk Women,” The Rolling Stones

This song is about having sex with a sexy woman after meeting her at a bar. The line “I tried to take her upstairs for a ride/I had to heave her right across my shoulder” is a bit degrading to women but most of the songs on the list are anyway. A honky-tonk is a cheap bar that people dance in. So, honky-tonk women are the women that you meet there.

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3. ”Like a Virgin,” Madonna

Madonna’s music is always a bit risqué. “Like a Virgin” is just the best example of her best work. The line “You’re so fine/and you’re mine” is the after sex feeling. The entire song is about after sex. While most of the songs are about during or wanting, this is the great feeling afterwards.

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2. ”Let’s Get it On,” Marvin Gaye

Like “Ring My Bell,” “Let’s Get it On” repeats its title over and over again. While the lyrics are sexy, it’s the music and the voice that takes it over the top. This song is about having sex right now with the person right in front of you. It is perfectly paired with rose petals and candlelight.

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1. ”I’ll Make Love to You,” Boys II Men

“I’ll Make Love to You” is the most romantic sexy song on the list. The harmonies and the sweet lyrics are sexy all in their own. The music video seems to be about sex but there is no sex involved. It is simply the “before the sex” romance video. “I’ll Make Love to You” is the opposite of Ludacris’ song that is on the list. It is sweet and adorable.

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