Top Ten Michael Jackson Songs

A song that Michael Jackson recorded 30 years ago has been released as a part of his new album “Xscape.”

The song “Love Has Never Felt So Good” was recorded in 1983, but has been made more contemporary by John McClain, according to CNN. The track incorporates the early 1980s feel with the disco-soul sound of today.

The song first debuted during the iHeart music awards Thursday night.

On the new album that will be released May 13, there will be eight unheard Michael Jackson songs that were recorded between 1983 and 1999.

Columbia Records, the company that has released Jackson’s music for three decades, is working with McClain to slowly reproduce and release songs from Jackson’s archives.

“New” music from Michael are not always met with enthusiasm by fans or the Jackson family because the authenticity of the vocals are always questioned. This happened with the 2010 album when it was released a year after Jackson’s death. The estate and record company verified that it was Jackson’s voice.

With the news that another song by the King of Pop will be released would like to take a look at the top ten Michael Jackson singles from “Thriller” to “This is It.”

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