Trailers Weekly: 'Good People' may not be so good after all

What happens when an ordinary couple struggling to meet ends suddenly discovers a box full of movie. This rather unoriginal premise is the basis for the movie Good People which just released its first trailer.

The film stars James Franco and Kate Hudson as Tom and Anna Reed, a young couple living in London that is on the verge of losing their home. One day they discover their downstairs neighbor has been murdered and a bag filled with 220,000 pounds has been stashed away. Not sure what to do with the money Tom and Anna decide to hide the money and only use a little of it to help pay off their debts.

However when they start to spend more of the money than they should a mysterious man threatens them to give him the money. Soon they become the target of a group of dangerous thieves and the police and must fight to stay alive.

The film also stars Tom Wilkinson and Omar Sy. It is directed by Henrik Ruben Genz and based on the novel written by Marcus Sakey. No release date for the movie has been announced yet.

Check out the trailer below:

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