Tweak Bird 'Any Ol' Way' Album Review

Any Ol Way Album Review
What do you get when your merge heavy rock with smooth vocals? Tweak Bird. Tweak Bird is a rock group founded by two brothers, Ashton and Calebi. There lyrics and instrumental places them into the Stoner Rock genre. Honestly, I picture a room hazy with smoke with people swaying back and forth from the music. If you let it, you can lose yourself in it. This is not for your hard core rocker, or your dance queen. This is for individuals that want to sit back and take it all in. For the last six years, these brothers have been working out of California on multiple albums. Tweak Bird discography includes the following: Reservations (2008), Tweak Bird (2010), Undercover Cops (2012), and Green/Weird Oasis (2014). Their latest album Any Ol Way will be available on Amazon Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

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As a whole, the album has a flow that goes through each track. It sounds like one endless song. The lazy draw of the vocals is inviting and hypnotic. They are the type of band that album sounds like their live performance. You would think that every artist should sound like their album live, but some artist are lack luster live. One of my favorites is “Sunshine”. I can picture the sun beating down in the middle of the dessert. Everyone is in white letting the rhythm control their movements. I also enjoyed “Mild Manor”. Most of the song is instrumental, but you do not need words to enjoy a song. When vocals are involved, it has a message. The message is embracing self-expression, peace, and love. If you let it, Tweak Birds hypnotic seventies rock will take you to an Oasis.
Even though, they aren’t on countdown shows or receiving awards this year, the duo is busy entertaining the masses. In fact, May (2014) through June (2014), Tweak Bird is performing in the following cities: California, Nevada, Washington, Utah, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. If you want to attend, RSVP on their official website.

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