Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin signs GMO labeling bill

The Vermont governor signed a bill on Thursday that requires genetically modified foods to come with a label, though it doesn't take effect until 2016.

Until then, the state will likely eventually find itself being sued by opposition to the bill, which Gov. Peter Shumlin is aware of as he revealed a website where people can donate funds towards fighting any possible lawsuits, reports The Associated Press. "We are asking people all across America, and all across the great state of Vermont, to go to (the website) and make a donation."

The bill could also be hampered by legislation Congressional Republicans are said to be working on preventing state enforcement of bills like Vermont's.

According to The Burlington Free Press, Vermont is the third state, behind Maine and Connecticut, to pass labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms, but their laws don't take effect until other states follow.

Those who support GMO foods, like the Biotechnology Industry Organization, say that the modified food is both safe and better for the environment, but critics contend that such food is actually less healthy and isn't as good for the land as backers want us to believe.

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