‘Big Brother 16’ Season Premiere: Part 1

It is that time of the summer that is full of alliances, betrayal, competitions, loyalty and power which always leads us to “expect the unexpected” The reality show Big Brother kicked off it’s 16th season Wednesday night with a special two-night season premiere.

The host of Big Brother Julie Chen welcomed us to another exciting and unpredictable season of Big Brother. She explains how sixteen random strangers are about to enter and live in the house for the next three months with one goal: to be the grand prize winner of $500,000 dollars.

The major twists for this season are that they are having 16 people living in the house this season, the most they have ever had and that there will be a new interactive twist for the people watching to use called “TeamAmerica”. Julie welcomes the first eight houseguests before they enter the BB house and warn them that they are in for a summer they will always remember.

The first four houseguests to enter the house are Cody, a sales account executive from New Jersey. Donny, a school groundskeeper from North Carolina; Joey, a makeup artist from Seattle and Amber, a skin-care therapist from Knoxville, Tennessee. The second four houseguests to enter the house are Nicole, a nursing student from Ubly, Missouri; Frankie, a YouTube Personality from New York who is also the brother of singer Ariana Grande, Paola, a DJ from New York and Devin, a single dad and motorcycle salesman from Texas.

The houseguests do their usual meet and greet where they “get to know” each other. Some people use the strategy of not revealing certain aspects about themselves in order to keep a target off their back. The houseguests are suspect because they notice that the table is set up for 16 people. The first eight houseguests have a house meeting and decide to stick together and form an alliance called “The Crazy Eights”. Devin and Donny talk later on and decide to form a side alliance called “Double D”. Meanwhile, the four girls Paola, Nicole, Joey, and Amber decide to form an all-girl alliance called “El Cuarto”. Several alliances being made on day one.

Julie reveals to the houseguests that they will be joined by remaining eight houseguests who have yet to come in. She also drops the bomb on them when revealing that the person who wins the Head of Household is not necessarily safe. This stuns the houseguests as they get ready to play the first HOH competition of the summer. The competition is called “Go Fly a Kite” and the houseguests have to hang on to their kite while rotating on a log. Frankie wins the competition and is the first HOH of the summer.

Julie reveals that the “TeamAmerica” twist is allowing America to vote on the houseguest that they want to form an alliance with. It will be a three person alliance that is controlled by America. Julie then tells the houseguests that when the other eight people come in, there will be another HOH but at the end of the week, only one HOH will be left. The houseguests are stunned as this ends the first of the two night premiere. This season of Big Brother is proving to be the most unpredictable and unexpected season of the show so far.

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