'24: Live Another Day' 7pm-8pm Recap

The Presidential staff, along with the Prime Minister and his people, watch the news after the explosion at Wembley Stadium. The CIA is watching the same feed, and Erik (welcome back to the show!) questions why Margot would fire at at empty stadium. Kate tells everyone that the stadium wasn’t empty, that Heller was in there to comply with Margot’s demands. The President’s staff gets a call from the British navy that small aircraft are splashing down in the water.

Ian is hesitant to down the last drone, but his mother is ready to keep her word. Ian puts in the command for the drone to splash down as well, but sees something on the monitor. He notices Heller looking back at something, then looking forward again. Over and over. Ian realizes someone (who we know is Chloe) was able to hack into the drone’s feed and loop some video, Speed style. Ian manages to save the drone before it hits the water, but it’s now outside of London.

Jack heads back to the helicopter with a very alive President Heller. He calls Kate and has her patch the call through to the President’s compound. For all to hear, Jack tells everyone that Heller is alive, but one drone is still in Margot’s control. Jack puts Heller in a car with Belcheck, not wanting to take any chances by allowing Heller to contact anyone with Margot potentially watching the Secret Service. Heller protests, but Jack responds in the best way Jack: “Mr. President, get in the car so I can go do what I do best.”

Jack has Chloe attempt to narrow down Margot’s location in the East End. She contacts Cross, who is unwilling to help Jack, but agrees when she asks him to help her. With a modified GPS locater, Cross and Chloe are able to find Margot’s location. Jack sends Kate and Erik the location as well.

When Jack lands the chopper on the roof, there’s already a fire fight going on down on the street level. In their room, Margot and Ian set the drone to fire on Waterloo Station, but Margot won’t leave until she sees the missile hit its target. Jack needs to know what floor they’re on, and Chloe tells him that if he cuts the power to the building, the auxiliary power Margot is using should be enough to pinpoint their location. Jack radios Kate to take out the electrical boxes outside the building, so she does what anyone would do and lobs a grenade over in that direction. With the power out, Chloe is able to see a surge of power on the fifth floor and sends Jack that way.

Jack gets to the fifth floor and is met with plenty of gunfire. He thinks better than to waste his time with engaging these men and heads back to the roof. He grabs some wires and rigs them so he can repel down the side of the building. Jack gets to the fifth floor, but before he can get a shot off, Ian unloads an automatic pistol in Jack’s direction. He walks over to the window to see if he hit Jack, but Jack grabs him and launches him toward the pavement. Jack climbs into the room and its a bullet in Margot’s shoulder when she reaches for a gun. By the time Jack gets to the computer, the drone’s missile had already fired. Chloe guides him through taking over the missile’s controls manually, and Jack is able to divert the missile just in time. Margot tells Jack that hundreds of deaths will be on his conscious tonight, but he replies that there will only be one that he thinks about. He puts Margot on the express elevator to the ground floor. Margot lands right next to Ian, both very, very dead. I don't usually cheer for deaths on screen, but this one was surprisingly satisfying. Jack is officially back, everyone.

Jack packs up the override device and heads back to the CIA station with it. Kate gets a call from her police contact about a double homicide, with one of the bodies being Jordan and the other with no identification whatsoever. Kate and Erik head over there to investigate, and call Navarro on the way. Navarro is worried this will come back to him, so he calls his shadowy contact. Cross tells Navarro that he can get him out of the country, but at a price. Cross wants the override device. Navarro agrees, to save his own skin.

Jack gets back to the CIA station and hands the override device over to the man from the DOD. Kate calls Jack about the Jordan situation and asks if he can look into the man that Jordan killed. Jack agrees to send the fingerprint to a friend in Langley. Navarro says they can run the print at their station, but Jack already seems to suspect something. While the guy from the DOD is working on the device, Jack’s CIA contact gets back to him with a name and that he was an assassin, and after reading the known contacts and Navarro’s name came up, it all hits Jack. He runs into the room and sees the guy from the DOD knocked out and Navarro and the device are gone.

Jack chases Navarro through the CIA station, exchanging gun fire on their way out. Navarro manages to slip away. Cross calls Navarro to set a meeting place to exchange the device for a way out of the country. Leave it to 24, wrap up one threat only to introduce a bigger one in a matter of 20 minutes.

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